Intern / Extern Program

The externship/internship program with the Albany County and Prosecuting Attorney’s Office provides learning and working experience for high school, college, and law school students interested in pursuing the study of social justice, law, and the justice system. Students have an opportunity to gain practical experience on trial practice by assisting attorneys with legal research and drafting memorandum.

A student is assigned to a supervising attorney who provides direction and oversight to the student. The office offers paid or unpaid internships/externships as well as an option to intern for school credit with approval of the University of Wyoming. Typically, students start as unpaid externs for school credit and work towards paid internships. Student interns are encouraged to attend as many trials as the extern/intern’s work schedule allows.

Externship/Internship Types

Types of externship/internship include:

High School

  • Answering telephones
  • Assisting staff attorneys in photocopying and filing document
  • Digitizing case files


  • Assembling case evidence notebooks and sorting evidence
  • Assembling reports, documents and manuals for distribution
  • Collecting and analyzing statistics
  • Conducting research and special studies on issues affecting individual cases
  • Contact witnesses, civilian and law enforcement, regarding court dates
  • Entering information in case management system
  • Performing clerical work including answering telephones, photocopying and filing documents
  • Preparing Discovery

Law School

  • Students in 2nd and 3rd year of law school are eligible for limited practice of law allowing the student to make supervised appearances in court
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  • Conducting legal research and writing of briefs, memoranda of law, pre-trial and post-trial motions
  • Conducting misdemeanor bench and jury trials for traffic offenses
  • Performing clerical work, including:
    • Answering telephones
    • Photocopying
    • Filing documents
    • Assisting attorneys in every aspect of court preparation
  • Preparing discovery
  • Preparing trial exhibits and observing interviews of witnesses


  • Attending County governing body and committee meetings
  • Conducting involuntary commitment and other administrative hearings
  • Drafting:
    • Contracts
    • Court pleadings
    • Memoranda of law
    • Policy
    • Regulations
    • Resolutions
  • Performing clerical work, including:
    • Answering telephones
    • Assisting attorneys in every aspect of court preparation
    • Filing documents
    • Photocopying

How to Apply

Students interested in an externship/internship should submit resumes and cover letter of interest to:
Peggy A. Trent
Albany County and Prosecuting Attorney
525 Grand Avenue, Suite 100
Laramie, Wyoming 82070
Phone: 307-721-2552
Email Peggy Trent