What is required for a wastewater permit?

In order to receive authorization to begin a wastewater system, you (or your installer) must bring in the:

  • Completed application
  • Correct fees (cash/check only)
  • Plans, specifications or design data

It is highly recommended that you call 307-721-2568 or email the Planning Department to schedule an appointment with the Assistant Planner - Environmental when you wish to turn in your application.

Aquifer Protection Zone

If your property lies within an area designated as the Casper Aquifer Protection Overlay Zone (CAPZ), any septic field that is to be installed in that area will have to be designed by a Professional Engineer, licensed to practice in Wyoming and qualified to do such work. An electrical engineer, for example, may not have the requisite skills for this undertaking. The engineer should contact the Assistant Planner - Environmental for guidance regarding what will be expected.

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