What are the setbacks for a small wastewater system?

For domestic wastewater systems, with a flow of less than 2000 gallons per day, the following minimum isolation distance (in feet) shall be maintained:

FromTo Septic Tank or EquivalentTo Absorption System
Wells (including neighboring wells)50 feet100 feet
Property lines (for properties originating on or after 1997)50 feet50 feet
Building foundation (without foundation drains)5 feet10 feet
Building foundation (with foundation drains)5 feet25 feet
Potable water pipes25 feet25 feet
Septic tankN/A10 feet
Stream or surface body of water (including seasonal and intermittent)50 feet50 feet


Absorption systems shall not be located beneath buildings, parking lots, roadways or other similarly compacted areas.

Prior to 1997

For properties originating before 1997, the setback requirement was 10 feet.

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