How can the exemption be used?

The exemption can be used in one of two ways, outlined as follows.

Property Tax

The exemption may be used on property tax and it reduces the assessed valuation by 3000 annually. The tax dollar amount varies depending on mill levy for tax district. Approximate amount $200. Eligible property must be owned by the Veteran and or Spouse as of January 1st.

Veterans must contact their local County Assessor’s office each year after January 1st or before the 4th Monday in May.

Vehicle Licensing

County fees for licensing a vehicle (not sales tax) may be reduced by 3000 assessed dollars (approximately $90) annually. More than one vehicle may qualify, not to exceed a total of $90 per year.

Title, registration, or expiration reminder showing the Veteran and/or spouse’s names is required prior to purchasing tags for exemption usage. New purchases must be titled before qualifying; leased vehicles do not qualify.

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