When do I need a zoning certificate?

A zoning certificate is required for new uses, expansions of existing uses, conditional uses, or changes of use pursuant to Wyoming Statute § 18-5-203. Uses which require a zoning certificate are:

  • Principal Structures: the main or principal use of the property. These buildings may be agricultural, residential, commercial, or industrial buildings.
    • Examples include homes, cabins, commercial structures, etc., including structures moved onto the property, such as modular homes, mobile homes and relocated stick-built homes.
  • Accessory Buildings: a building that is incidental, detached, and subordinate to the principal structure. This includes any structure with a roof, attached or detached, as well as any temporary or portable structure, and:
    • Barns
    • Garages
    • Sheds
    • Shops
  • Additions to Principal Structures or Accessory Buildings:
    • Enclosed porches
    • Additional living space
    • Covered decks
    • Garage additions

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